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Eli Terry: American Clockmaker and Innovator   

HYBRID: In the classroom and online. A Zoom link will be sent to all one day before class.

Eli Terry was an American clockmaker who is generally considered the father of the U.S. mass-production clock industry. In 1797 Terry received the first clock patent granted by the United States Patent Office. His invention was a new type of clock movement that was made of wood instead of brass. This made the clocks much less expensive to produce, making them more affordable for the average homeowner. Terry was a visionary leader. He was one of the first clockmakers to use interchangeable parts, which revolutionized the clock industry. Ray Stocking is the son of Jerome R. Stocking, an antique clock collector and part-time repairman for over 50 years. Growing up in a house where every room had at least one antique clock, Ray learned to appreciate these clocks, especially those that worked and kept time! Ray is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University where he received his B.B.A and M.B.A. degrees in business management.



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