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Getting Ready   

IN-PERSON: The Elderwise classroom at the Vineyard Church

In this class we will take time to ponder some questions that might arise as we get ready for the end of our lives. In a compassionate setting, we will be able to share our thoughts and feelings, and listen to others. Some of the questions we will explore include: What are one or two things I would really like to see or do before my life is over? Do I have messages for people in my life I’d really like to convey? Are there documents regarding my death I still need to complete? What is the best way to get them done? Are there practical considerations I’m thinking about – housing, transportation, meals, bills, etc.? Do I have wishes about what happens after I die? Have I shared them with my family or friends? Who is going to help me as I age? What do I think I will need help with? Come join us in exploring these and similar topics in a gentle, caring manner. Please bring your own questions – anything about getting ready for the end of life is welcome. Layla Ananda has an M.A. in clinical psychology from the Michigan School of Psychology. She offers consulting and workshops through Deep Peace Consulting.



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