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Classical Composers: Schumann and Albeniz   

ONLINE: A Zoom invitation link will be sent one day before class begins.

Scott Yoo’s PBS “Great Performances – Now Hear This” music-filled documentaries for the PBS 2022-2023 season have just been completed. We will watch two episodes from this series, starting with German pianist Robert Schumann (1810–1856), who is considered to be one of the greatest composers of the Romantic era. We will visit Scotland, Germany, and France as Scott Yoo investigates the connection between Schumann’s bipolar disorder and his creative genius, via experts and musical performances. Isaac Albeniz (1860–1909) was a Spanish virtuoso pianist, composer, and conductor of the Post-Romantic era, and a developer of flamenco music. Join us to discover the inspirations Spain provided Albeniz, along with musicians from Albeniz’s birthplace in the Pyrenees mountains. Toby Teorey is the current Vice-Chair of the Elderwise Council. He is retired from the University of Michigan (Computer Science and Engineering) and in retirement, pursues his love of world history, music, and culture.



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