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Quilting in America: An Historical Overview   

IN-PERSON: The Elderwise classroom at the Vineyard Church

Join us as Sandra McCoy leads us on an exploration of quilting in America. She will highlight the different purposes served by quilting throughout history. We will examine this art form, from its earliest utilitarian beginnings to the celebrated creative endeavor it has become today. Sandra will describe how cultural and economic factors have shaped the development of quilting. She will also highlight how advancing technology has influenced the availability of fabric as well as tools and techniques used by quilters. We will finish off by taking a look at modern-day quilting. Sandra McCoy has been a quilting enthusiast for 15 years, and has been sewing since the age of seven. She currently teaches quilting at the Ann Arbor Sewing Center. In her earlier professional career, Sandra worked as an audiologist, primarily with hearing-impaired older adults. She earned a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Brandeis University in Boston, and her research focused on how hearing loss and cognitive changes affect spoken language processing in older adults. In her spare time, Sandra enjoys travelling around the country by RV with her husband and yellow lab retriever.



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