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Ann Arbor and Dexter: Bicentennials   

IN-PERSON: The Elderwise classroom at the Vineyard Church

Ann Arbor and Dexter Bicentennials: Legends and Stories
Celebrating co-Bicentennials! Both Dexter and Ann Arbor were established by European settlers in 1824. What would Ann Arbor have become without the University of Michigan? It would probably be very much like the city of Dexter – but let’s explore. Ann Arbor was founded by scoundrels. Dexter was founded by an impressive man from an impressive family. Ann Arbor was lucky! It lost the competition to become the capital city of the State of Michigan, but was given the “consolation prize” of the University of Michigan. In 1837, the University moved from Detroit to a frontier outpost called Ann Arbor. Few know that the formidable Judge Samuel Dexter, founder of Dexter, also lobbied but lost the bid for Dexter to be the new home of the University of Michigan. Join us for a session of fascinating local history which will track the parallel fates of these two fine Washtenaw County cities, one semi-urban, one semi-rural, both celebrating 200 years of growth and successes. For over 40 years, Russ Collins has been Executive Director of the Michigan Theater Foundation, a nonprofit community organization operating Ann Arbor’s Michigan Theater, a 1920s Movie Palace, and the State Theatre, a 1940s Art Deco cinema style theater. Russ also founded the Cinetopia Festival and the Art House Convergence, a national organization for community-based independent cinemas.



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