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Dragonflies: Nature's Perfect Predators   

HYBRID: In the classroom and online. A Zoom link will be sent to all one day before class.

Dragonflies are over 300 million years old, yet have changed very little since they first appeared on Earth. Come take a deep dive into nature’s perfect predators, their life cycles, their unique features, and their mythology as represented in many different cultures. We will test our knowledge at the end of the class with a hands-on identification activity. Elle Bogle is a passionate outdoor educator and adventurer who takes pride in connecting people with the beauty of nature. She has been working as a naturalist with Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission for four years and as an environmental specialist with the Ann Arbor Public Schools for five years. Her specialties are amphibians and reptiles, dragonflies, and mindfulness in nature. She is an avid reader and book lover who also enjoys traveling, kayaking, hiking, and spending time with her family.



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