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PTD Productions: Loving Lives   

Pre-Performance In-Person Class: Friday, February 16, 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon, at the Vineyard Church.
Matinee LIVE Performance: Wednesday, February 21, 2:00 p.m., Riverside Arts Center, Ypsilanti

PTD Productions: Loving Lives
Written by Alan Haehnel
Directed by Ezra Korycinski
Pre-Play Class Presenter: Ezra Korycinski


Members $25; Nonmembers $30

Includes one ticket to the performance.

Extra Tickets are $15 each.
Please contact the Elderwise office to purchase extra tickets. This cannot be done online.


It's 1948, it's the dead of winter, and it's time for "Loving Lives," a radio soap opera on its last legs. A pompous romantic lead, an incapacitated announcer, an obnoxious kazoo-tooting child star, and multiple off-the-air seductions all contribute to the hilarious demise of the radio show. Ezra Korycinski is directing his second play for PTD Productions after the worldwide premier of The Artwork is Behind You in the spring of 2023. He has also appeared on stage in several PTD productions and was formerly an artist and early-career director at Tipping Point Theatre in Northville.



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