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Data Analytics   

It’s hard to find a better career than data analytics. Data analysts are professionals who collect, process and perform analyses on huge quantities of information to help businesses make better and faster business decisions. Trainees love our unique, self-paced learn-by-doing training and verified learning assessment. The NCLab process builds your knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence to make you ready to enter the job market, including preparing you for the CompTIA Data+ certification exam. NCLab is very different from traditional online and lecture-based training that leaves graduates with knowledge, but no practical experience.

Our innovative and proven learning approach gives you bite-sized tutoring and asks you to show that you have learned each concept by completing exercises before going on. Our artificial intelligence-based progress monitor verifies that exercises are done correctly, and provides you feedback and guidance to ensure your success.

What you will learn
• To clean data and present it in visual form
• To perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of data
• To interpret data and make predictions

How long the training takes to complete
• This program consists of 360 to 400 hands-on hours, depending on your math background
• Trainees complete it in as little as six months
• The amount of time to complete this program depends on your situation and schedule

How you will benefit
• Personalized weekly coaching sessions to review your progress, set goals, build soft skills, and prepare for job interviews
• You will develop a professional portfolio of real-world projects to demonstrate your qualifications to potential employers
• Upon completion you will receive a Data Analyst Career Certificate

  • Data Analytics

    Data analytics is a rapidly growing field where the demand for qualified candidates far outstrips the supply. Get ready to leverage data to deliver meaningful results. When you get done with your training, you will be able to do it all; from cleaning data to presenting it in visual form, performing qualitative and quantitative analysis of data, interpreting data, and making predictions. This program features self-paced learn-by-doing training and verified learning assessment.

    Watch a trainee video testimonial on part one of the data analytics training: SQL Fundamentals.

    This program is on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) for Northern Nevada. Contact Job Opportunities in Nevada (JOIN) or other agencies for possible funding opportunities.

    Program details can be found here: Data Analytics.


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