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Computational Literacy for Modern Careers    NEW!

Automation is taking over manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, banking, retail establishments, logistics, and many other areas by storm. Tasks which traditionally were done by people are now being done by machines. But machines think differently than people, and one needs to develop a specific mindset in order to deal with them successfully. This is called Computational Literacy.

You may have heard about Digital Literacy. This is a set of skills which includes things like using Internet and email, utilizing passwords, protecting your data, etc. Computational Literacy goes one step further. It is about using computers and computing to solve problems. Computational Literacy is a combination of simple logic, common sense, problem solving, attention to detail, and perseverance. Become computationally literate in 80 hours!

What you will learn
• Computational thinking
• Problem solving
• Logic
• Accuracy


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