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Catering Professional   

What you will learn
• The foundations of integrated disciplines such as event planning, food and beverage management, sales and marketing, human resources, accounting practices and legal contracts
• To manage the challenges of employee inductions, performance appraisals, exit interviews, staffing requirements, food safety, legal requirements and licensing, budgeting considerations and profit margins

How you will benefit
• A broad-based training to work in catering prepares you for entry level work in the catering industry
• Knowledge of catering management complements previous work experience within the catering and events industry
• Learn the foundations of catering management without having to pursue a degree in hospitality

  • Catering Professional
    The Catering Professional provides the foundational skills needed for a career in the catering and events industry by teaching the elements of catering services, including overseeing events and functions and collaborating with other catering services. You will gain the ability to plan for successful food preparation and apply beverage management requirements. This course will also demonstrate best practices for marketing a catering business, considerations for preparing and executing contracts, effectively manage human resources, and applying basic accounting principles. It will also prepare you for the Certified Professional in Catering and Events (CPCE).

    Program details can be found here: Catering Professional.

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