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Home Inspection Certificate   

What you will learn
• The purpose, scope, procedures, and standards of practice of a home inspection
• The methodologies involved in creating a home inspection report
• Residential construction materials and methods
• Basic residential construction materials and techniques
• Types of home inspection and personal protective equipment used by home inspectors
• To recognize common defects found in residential construction
• Appropriate reporting methodologies for creating a home inspection report

How you will benefit
• Build the knowledge base needed to complete home inspection exams
• Earn membership renewal credits or other continuing education credits
• Take the next step in the NIBI Certified Inspector credential process
• Receive a home inspection course certificate

  • Home Inspection Certificate
    The Home Inspection Certificate Course covers the principal components, procedures, and processes of home inspection. This course has also been approved by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and various home inspector organizations and regulatory boards.Through 11 in-depth modules, you will gain insight on the methodologies required to perform a home inspection. You will learn how to inspect and report on heating and cooling systems, plumbing and electrical systems, roof and siding, the foundation, and other major components of a home.

    Program details can be found here: Home Inspection Certificate.

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