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Supply Chain   

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  • Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)
    This 100% online course will provide a holistic view of supply chain management and fully prepare you for the Certified Supply Chain Professional exam. You will learn how to translate the connection between the areas of planning, sourcing, manufacturing, and delivering into an integrated supply chain. By course completion, you will have a firm understanding of mitigation strategies, operationalize risk management practices and implement cost reduction measures.

    This program is on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) for Northern Nevada. Contact Job Opportunities in Nevada (JOIN) or other agencies for possible funding opportunities.

    Program details can be found here: Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP).

  • Distribution and Logistics Management
  • Fee: $135.00
    Six Week Class begins: 7/17/2024
    Discover how to improve distribution and logistics management activities, reduce costs, save time, increase customer satisfaction, and better meet your company's objectives. This course will show you how to achieve success through a combination of distribution and logistics strategies and tactics.

    For details, including registration info: Distribution and Logistics Management .

  • Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
  • Fee: $135.00
    Six Week Class begins: 7/17/2024
    This course will prepare you for internationally recognized certification examinations by teaching you how to create demand forecasts, develop schedules, manage inventory, control production orders, and ensure customer satisfaction.

    For details, including registration info: Supply Chain Management Fundamentals.

  • Supply Chain Suite
  • Fee: $365.00
    Online course series begins: 7/17/2024

    Discover and master the fundamentals of purchasing and supply chain management with this group of classes. This series of three classes includes the Purchasing Fundamentals, Distribution and Logistics Management, and Supply Chain Management Fundamentals courses.

    For details, including registration info: Supply Chain Suite.


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