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Contract Training   

Student Resources


Customized Training for Business

Highline College's Continuing Education department offers customized, professional training and consulting that provides critical knowledge and skills to maximize employees' and their organization's performance.


Business and Not-For-Profit Programs provide knowledge and skills in core competencies:

  • Management & Leadership
  • Accounting & Financial
  • Information Technology
  • Language communication in the workplace in various languages
  • Professional Effectiveness
  • Human Resources
  • Communications
  • Business Strategy & Operations Management
  • Technology Training
  • Business Development

These adult education programs are available in workshop formats that suit your organization's schedule.

How We Work for You

Continuing Education at Highline College specializes in customized training and development programs, tailored to meet the specific needs of your employees and strengthen their core competencies.  Programs can be conducted at your site or at Highline College's Main Campus at times that are convenient for your organization.


To discuss how our training opportunities can benefit your organization, please contact the Continuing Education department by submitting your information below or email us directly at We are also available by phone during office hours at 206-592-3785, please ask for a contract training representative.


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