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Certified Coffee Professional   

Woman Brewing Coffee

Certificate Requirements

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Coffee Professional? You have options! All enrolled students will have coursework options to ensure alignment with their personal pathways in the coffee industry. Listed below is the most normal pathway to certificate completion, but you should meet with a HOST advisor to build a pathway specific to your interests. If you have any questions, please contact Justin Taillon (Department Head of the Hospitality & Tourism Management program) at, or to set up an advising meeting click here


All students complete this barista-training course:

  • HOST 128 – Barista & Coffeehouse Operations (3 cr)


Complete one of these two workplace success courses:

  • HOST 139 – Career Planning & Preparation (2 cr)
  • HOST 145 – Planning & Preparation for Supervisors (3 cr)


Complete one of these three customer service courses:

  • HOST 164 – Customer Service Operations (5 cr)
  • HOST 165 – Managing Customer Service (5 cr)
  • HOST 166 – Global Excellence (1 cr)


Complete two of these five food & beverage professional courses:

  • HOST 129 – Menu Design (3 cr)
  • HOST 130 – Introduction to Food & Beverage (Front of House) (4 cr)
  • HOST 131 – Sustainability and the Food Supply Chain (3 cr)
  • HOST 150 – Food as Medicine (3 cr)
  • HOST 175 – Sustainable Food & Agriculture (5 cr)


All students should earn a minimum of 17 credits to complete the certificate. This may include the completion of an elective course. These courses can be counted toward your elective credits:

  • HOST 100 – Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Management (5 cr)
  • HOST 104 – Art of Negotiation (5 cr)
  • HOST 140 – Cooperative Education (1-12 cr)
    • This course is the completion of an on-campus internship as a barista in the Hospitality & Tourism Management’s on-campus coffee shop, The Fireside Bistro


Funding Eligibility (optional):

The WES department at Highline College can provide tuition assistance and support services for some CE short-term certificates and professional/technical AAS programs if a student meets funding and program eligibility criteria. Please visit Start Next Quarter to see if you pre-qualify for an invitation to attend Highline’s free education planning workshop through the WES department. If invited, it will be determined at the workshop whether you are eligible for funding. For general information, please visit WES online or call 206-592-3802. 

Many companies offer generous reimbursement and some even pay upfront for your tuition. Please contact your HR department for more information about your company’s unique reimbursement plan.


Woman Serving Coffee

When can I start?

Students can begin the program any quarter.


How do I register? 

Step 1 

Step 2  

  • Once you have completed the Application for Admission and received your ctcLink ID number, please activate your myHighline account.  

Step 3



Learning Outcomes

  • Learners will utilize the fundamental vocabulary and operating principles of the coffee industry.
  • Learners will conduct themselves in accordance with the professional ethics and values of the coffee industry, including comprehending the juxtaposition of social, cultural, and economic impacts in the industry.
  • Learners will identify suitable employment opportunities by matching personal and professional interests and abilities with positions within the coffee industry.
  • Learners will be able to explain the supply chain process, roasting process, barista skills, and general supervisory skills necessary in the coffee industry.