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Professional Healthcare Interpreter   


*** Please add yourself to the "interest list" at the bottom of the page for Fall Quarter 2024

The Professional Healthcare Interpreter (PHI) course provides 120 hours of training in the Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, Technology, General Knowledge, and Practicum for those who enroll. Given that both the national certifications require a minimum of 40 hours of training, taking this class more than satisfies the prerequisite.   Funding may be available for qualified students.  You must be bilingual with a minimum of ESL Level 4.

After completing the course, and after acquiring some work experience (which can be as a volunteer), students can qualify to sit for the national certification exams. Each organization has slightly different requirements regarding language proficiency or prior education.


The Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters - CCHI offers more flexibility to fulfill those prerequisites.

Funding Available for Qualified Students:  We strongly recommend that you check if you qualify for funding through our Workforce Education Service Department (WES).  See below for more information.  If you do qualify and are awarded funding through the WES department, you do not need to pay it back.

The WES department at Highline College can provide tuition assistance and support services for some CE short-term certificates and professional/technical AAS programs if a student meets funding and program eligibility criteria. Please visit Start Next Quarter to see if you pre-qualify for an invitation to attend Highline’s free education planning workshop through the WES department. If invited, it will be determined at the workshop whether you are eligible for funding. For general information, please visit WES online or call 206-592-3802.

What other pathways are available once I have completed my certificate? 

Following the completion of this certificate, you may apply all of the credits towards a Community Health and Wellness AAS degree with three different areas of specialization: Direct Care, Patient Advocate, or Global and Public Health.  This degree will provide students with a working knowledge of healthcare systems and practices with specialization in their area of interest. Email the department coordinator, Diana Cacho, for details.


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