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MAR to MAC   

The MAR to MAC is a hybrid course, mostly online with 1 lab session required per student. There will be weekly assignments (not self-paced). Student's step-by-step instructions on how to get started,are listed below.

***Please add yourself to the "interest list" at the bottom of the page for Fall 2024 .

Fall 2024--Classroom Dates/Times 

  • Online: September 23rd to December 13th
  • In-Person: Saturdays--8:00a-5:30p (including a 45 minute break for lunch).
  • In-Person: Dates: TBA

    Students will be scheduled for 1 on-campus weekend according to skill needs and/or skill level.

  • Classroom Location: In building 26, room 220 on Highline College campus


The Department of Health also requires a national exam for MA-C. To see the full list of DOH requirements please check out their "Medical Assistant – Certified or Interim Certification Requirements" page.

Students taking this program qualify for exams based on their experience, not their education, as this is not a complete and accredited MA program. Certain exams can only be taken by completing an accredited program. To see a list of exams check out our accompanied document "Which Test?" Students are NOT eligible to take the AAMA exam after this course.

The hybrid clinical class is one of 11 college classes needed to satisfy the Department of Health’s requirement of 720 clock hours.

The course fee includes the cost of prior learning assessment (PLA). PLA is a way to earn college credits for experience, training, or work. Many of the 11 classes can be completed through the PLA process for those with extensive healthcare experience.

Not included: national exam, transcript order, MA-C application, textbook. Optional: wear scrubs and bring a personal stethoscope.

Note: This is not a prep course for the national MAC exam.

Students should speak with an advisor or the course instructor to be sure they are on track toward the MA-C.


How Do I Register?

Step 1

  • Click Here to Apply for Admission to the College. When choosing an academic plan, for MAR to MAC only, select "Professional Technical-MA Registered to Certified C01".

Step 2

  • Once you have completed the Application for Admission and received your ctcLink ID number, please Click Here to activate your myHighline account.

Step 3

  • Once your myHighline account is activated, please contact the Continuing Education department at 206-592-3785 to register for the course.

Step 4 (self-paying students only)

  • Once you have been registered in the class by the Continuing Education department, you will need to enter your "student portal" and pay for the course. 


Cost of Program

Your estimated total cost for tuition and fees is $1,061. That includes 51 college credits/720+ clock hours as well as building, technology and PLA fees. Additional costs to complete the MAC include textbook, transcript fees, national exam and DOH fees. 


What is the time commitment?

The MAR to MAC Program is a 5-credit course.  Students should expect 10-12 hours per week for class time/homework to successfully complete the program.  



The WES department at Highline College can provide tuition assistance and support services for some CE short-term certificates and professional/technical AAS programs if a student meets funding and program eligibility criteria. For more information, please visit WES online, email or call 206-592-3802. 

Required Computer Access

Students will need to activate their Highline computer account (will receive activation letter via email once registered), check email and access Canvas before class begins. 


Student Testimonials

MAR Test 1

"I was an ED Tech with an MA-P and many years of experience before this, and was never able to apply for MA jobs because they all require MA-C. Now with the MA-C, I can work as a medical assistant". -- Kendal Smith (pictured left) MAR to MAC completer


"I just received the official MA license from DOH!...Alas, all the hard work has finally been paid off, and this really means a lot to me since I had put my entire MA career on hiatus for the past 3 years. I once again am thankful to you for introducing this MAR-MAC program to me at Highline. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of fabulous classmates and instructors, as well as to learn many clinical hands-on techniques."---William Lam, MA-C

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