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Senior Scholarship: Donations   

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Senior Scholarship Donations

Empower Seniors: Help Us Extend Educational Opportunities!

In 2023, Highline College took a remarkable step in fostering lifelong learning by offering over 100 fully-funded scholarships, a value exceeding $15,000, to students aged 55 and older. These scholarships opened doors for countless individuals to engage in non-credit, personal enrichment classes, sparking joy, connection, and continued growth.

Now, we turn to you, our community champion, to help us carry forward this invaluable initiative. Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of seniors who may lack the financial means to pursue.


Donate Here 


100% of your donation will go towards the Senior Scholarship Fund.


Senior Scholarship Testimonials:

"This class (Piano) was so perfect for me, to get me wanting to play again and thinking I CAN play again even though I now have Parkinson’s, make so many mistakes, and have forgotten so many basics. Besides making us feel so welcome and getting us started with fundamentals, Sheryl encouraged us to listen to the tones and find them ourselves on the piano without looking at music - something I’ve always wanted to do. I really can’t believe this and I am so grateful to Sheryl and to the College for offering a free class of this caliber and for any skill level.  Those two features were just enough to get me to jump in and try. THANK YOU, SHERYL AND HIGHLINE COLLEGE!"---Linda T. (Highline Student)


"Thank you for the opportunity you provided me to take art classes through Continuing Education during Winter and Spring quarters 2023.   As a result of the scholarship the foundation provided me, I have found great joy and opportunity to learn in my 70s.   The instructor of the art class, Marina Megale, presents stimulating instruction and prompts for art creation that encourages me to create art pieces that incorporate new techniques and learnings.  Additionally, I have learned from and enjoy participating in the class with other students, many of whom are also senior citizens.    Students’ sharing of ideas and processes has enriched my experience immensely. Thank you very much for the educational opportunity. It is very much appreciated." --Cindy K. (Highline Student)


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