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Tactical Drug Law Enforcement   

This is an intense hands-on course that will arm you with the tactical and officer survival skills for a variety of street level drug enforcement situations.

Lectures will include such topics as operational planning, personnel selection and assignments, the importance of teamwork and communication, and the survival mind-set. You will learn different methods of covert communication that team members may use during field operations.

Glock simunitions will be used during several hands-on scenarios. Exercises will include buy/bust and sting operations, building entries and searches, subject takedowns and more. You will also practice valuable survival skills like door breaching, weapon retention, weapon take-back, edged weapon defense, stuns and distractors.

Topics Include

  • Use of force and legal issues surrounding street level operations
  • Operational scouting and planning
  • Weapon retention and disarming techniques
  • Buy/bust, reverse stings, street "sweeps" and jump-outs
  • Vehicle containment and extractions
  • Search warrant execution
  • Room clearing and searching techniques
  • Personnel selection and assignments
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Equipment and breaching tools


Patrol officers, narcotics investigators and supervisors, military investigative personnel

This class is restricted to sworn law enforcement officers and those personnel assigned directly to law enforcement agencies.

Course Length

40 hours

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You are required to be in good physical health and capable of participating in the exercises.

What to Bring


  • Tactical uniform (if used by your agency)
  • Ample supply of jeans/work type clothing
  • Gun belt or drop holster
  • Shoulder-mounted rifle - only if you have a conversion kit for force-on-force scenario training
  • Load bearing vest or Tac vest (additional ceramic or rifle plates not needed)
  • Eye protection
  • Pair of light-weight leather gloves
  • Hard-sole shoes or boots
  • Your law enforcement identification


Some exercises may also take place during the evening hours.


What Our Students Are Saying

  • “This profession needs more instructors like Tom and Dave. I have been to a lot of training in different parts of the country and this was the best I've ever had! ” – Dep. J.G.
  • “Great instruction, fellow students and content. I learned so much. Thank you for everything the instructors put into this training. ” – Constable S.C.
  • “This was a great course. Everything covered was beneficial. Very knowledgeable instructors.” – Ofc. G.M.
  • “Everything was great. There was plenty of time for each student to learn the topic. This was the best training class I've ever taken” – Det. Z.S.

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