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Situational De-Escalation Techniques: Train-the-Trainer   

The growing trend of altercations between citizens and law enforcement has created a need for agencies to add de-escalation techniques to their policy and training. This two-day course will prepare you to conduct a model de-escalation training program at your agency.

Topics Include

  • The history of de-escalation techniques
  • The impact of de-escalation on officer safety
  • Developing a de-escalation policy
  • Civil obligations and de-escalation
  • The P.I.E.R. De-Escalation Model
  • AC4P™ Policing Model
  • Model de-escalation techniques/role play
  • Model behavior continuum
  • Impact of bias on behavior
  • Secondary officer intervention
  • Instructor presentations
  • Model exam


Command officers, training officers, academy personal, first line supervisors, and first line officers

Course Length

16 hours


Successful completion of IPTM's 8-hour Situational De-Escalation Techniques is preferred.

Your Instructor

Bobby Kipper, former law enforcement officer, and founder and executive director of the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence, is a best-selling author and expert on youth and community violence prevention and reduction. His expertise in the area of community and school violence prevention has been recognized by the White House, Congress, and several states across America.

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