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Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes - Level II   

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This course builds on the information covered in Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes and presents a more extensive look at the dynamics and operational principles of the motorcycle and rider. We will teach more advanced mathematical formulas and analytical techniques that will provide you with recognized and accepted values to use during a case analysis.

A group project will introduce a method to determine the maximum tire lean angle and contact patch migration. Additional projects will give you an opportunity to individually analyze the information and utilize the equations in real-world scenarios.

You will receive a manual of applicable information and test data to reference when investigating motorcycle crashes.

Topics Include

  • New motorcycle technology systems
  • Time-Distance, airborne analysis, circular motion
  • Speed in gear analysis
  • Wheelbase reduction information
  • Braking with weight shift
  • Stoppies and wheelies
  • Motorcycle tire forces
  • Swerving- collision analysis
  • Custom and specialty motorcycle crash analysis
  • Rotational crash analysis


Law enforcement and private traffic crash investigators, claims adjusters, engineers, prosecuting attorneys, safety officers, military investigative personnel, animators and graphic designers

Course Length

40 hours


You must have completed at a minimum, IPTM’s At-Scene Traffic Crash/Traffic Homicide Investigation, Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation, and Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes, (completed after 2000), or their equivalents.

What to Bring

  • Scientific calculator
  • Traffic template/engineering scale
  • Protractor
  • Flash drive (2GB or higher)

ACTAR Information

IPTM's Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes - Level II course is eligible for 40 ACTAR CEUs.

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