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Indian SMART Cuisine  

Acharya Charak, born in Northern India around 300 BC, is considered the “father of medicine and nutrition." He codified his cooking in Charaka Samhita, perhaps the oldest cookbook (written in Sanskrit), where he states, “Wholesome diet is essential for good health and to prevent diseases.” Since ancient times, India has been known for the use of a variety of restorative herbs and spices that help strengthen and maintain the immune system.

Note: SMART Cuisine™ cooking is done using an electric skillet.

Our SMART Cuisine™ Indian recipes, based on Acharya Charak’s writings, demonstrate the preparation of delectable dishes that require minimal cooking skills and are very affordable. Prior to the class, download the recipes, shop for, and prep the ingredients, set up your electric skillet and you’re ready to join the class via ZOOM and cook your own dishes. Wholesome, delicious, and comforting meal in 15 minutes of cooking time. Guaranteed. (Term 1 Class)