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Welcome to OLLI at Sierra College

Welcome to OLLI at Sierra College

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OLLI Course Catalog Flipbook - Spring 2023

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Sierra College is part of Sierra College’s Continuing Education Division and belongs to a national network of 125 OLLIs established by the Bernard Osher  Foundation. OLLI’s mission is to provide its membership of dedicated lifelong learners, ages 50 years or better, with a year-round curriculum of high-quality noncredit courses, as well as intellectually stimulating social, cultural, and volunteer opportunities.

We offer a wide variety of classes from academics to wellness, keeping minds and bodies active. While most of our courses are still online via Zoom, we also have on-ground courses at both Roseville Vernon Center and the Grass Valley Campus.

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Registering for a course? Information can be found on our registration page. OLLI at Sierra College Spring 2023 Course Catalogs will be mailed to homes Friday, January 6, 2023! OLLI's Spring 2023 Course Catalog Flipbook has just been released! Happy browsing friends.