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Registration Information   

    - Membership in OLLI is required to participate. OLLI at Sierra College Annual Membership is $20 (August 1-July 31 each year) and it covers a Fall, Spring, and Summer Term; however, if you are a new member joining, or someone renewing, in the summer our Membership fee is only $10 for that remaining Summer Term.  
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Can't remember if your membership is paid for this year? Sign in with your username and password, click Account (located in the dark gray bar above), click My Membership, and look at the expiration date for your membership. 

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On the HOME page you can select courses by category under appropriate term (semester), including On-Ground courses, and don't forget to look under OLLI Extras for our OLLI Field Trips, SIGs (Special Interest Groups), Non-Credit Tuition free - OLLI classes and required registration information, Club OLLI Newsletters, Class Schedule Calendars and more!  

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Struggle No More! You can now complete our newly realased digitial registration form! Click the link to download, complete, save, and submit our Summer 2022 Club OLLI Membership & Class Registration Form for processing (instead of doing it on your own online). 

Please Note: This is an interactive form with page jump cabilities but may also be printed for submission. The submit form button may or may not work on this form with your computer; email is the reccomended and preferred delivery method (as it has the fastest processing time).