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Weekly Class Schedule Calendar (Download, View, or Print)  

Below is the Weekly Class Schedule Calendar for Spring 2021's Term 1 and Term 2. This calendar shows ALL of OLLI's course offerings (including those in our Special Interest Groups category) for that specific Term. Click on the links below to download, view, and/or print our weekly calendars.

[AVAILABLE NOW] Term 1 Weekly Calendar (Spring 2021) | February 8th - March 26th

[AVAILABLE NOW] Term 2 Weekly Calendar (Spring 2021) | April 5th - May 21st 

*Last Calendar Update: April 29, 2021

Note: If you plan to print, make sure to do the following to avoid the calendar being cut off at the bottom...

1. After opening the link, click the printer icon near the top right  (it will pop up the calendar in a new window) 
2. Click on the drop down arrow next to 'More settings

3. Under 'Scale' make sure you select the 'Fit to printable area' option before hitting 'Print