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Telecommunications FTO Program  

If you are a new Communications Field Training Officer (CTO), this course will teach you the basic processes to apply when training new telecommunicators. If you are a CTO Program Manager who has not attended CTO training, this course will equip you with the skills to handle CTO and Trainee situations within your agency. Communications center shift supervisors who attend this course will learn helpful information that will enable them to work effectively with the CTOs and Trainees on their shifts.

We will identify and examine the many complex roles of the CTO. Legally defendable standardized evaluation procedures will be instructed through discussion and practical exercises. You will learn about two types of CTO program structures and the mandatory program documentation. Remedial training action plans will be developed to address employee performance deficiencies and trainee terminations will be addressed.

IPTM’s Telecommunications FTO Program is based upon the legally defendable training and evaluation FTO process that was developed by the San Jose Police Department and is being used in public safety agencies across the country. This is the training program recognized by the CALEA accreditation standards.

The course will provide you with the information you will need to create a CTO program from scratch or to make valuable improvements to an existing program. The instructors teach and consult about CTO/FTO issues on a national level and were instrumental in the development and operation of CTO/FTO programs in their agencies.

Topics Include

  • Mandatory CTO program forms
  • Types of CTO program structures
  • Daily trainee evaluations
  • Rating scale application
  • Using the Standardized Evaluation Guidelines
  • Writing narrative trainee evaluation reports
  • Developing and implementing remedial training plans
  • Working with the training checklist


Public safety agency telecommunicators who conduct on-the-job field training of newly hired telecommunicators; communication center shift supervisors responsible for the daily supervision of the CTOs; FTO program managers and communication center managers who have not attended a basic dispatcher FTO Program course or who have been away from FTO programs for more than five years

Course Length

16 hours


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