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Supervising a Telecommunications Center  

IPTM’s Supervising a Telecommunications Center course is specifically designed for new non-sworn shift supervisors and managers of public safety and EMS communication centers. If you have not had the opportunity to attend this type of training, you will find this fast-paced course packed with valuable information.

Lectures, discussions and “hands-on” projects will introduce you to the practical and legal considerations of public safety supervision and management. Class discussions will deal with pressing administrative issues that are at the top of most communication centers’ “problems to solve” lists. This course focuses on the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of supervisors and managers to lead their communication centers successfully into the future.

Topics Include

  • The roles of supervisors and managers
  • Common mistakes made by new supervisors and managers
  • Introduction to leadership skills
  • Federal law for supervisors and managers
  • Performance appraisal guidelines for telecommunicators
  • Documentation and progressive discipline
  • Developing subordinates


Public safety agency telecommunication shift supervisors and managers who have not previously attended basic supervision or management training

Course Length

16 hours

What Our Students Are Saying

  • "Excellent course design and very informative." – Sgt. J.O.
  • "Enjoyed this class very much! Thank you!" – B.A. Comm. Supervisor
  • “As a PIC this course was very beneficial and explained leadership qualities to successfully run a communications center. I received important tools to make me feel more comfortable in that role.” – T. T., PIC
  • “Instructor is a subject matter expert and pleasure to have for class. Everything was covered in depth in manual. His extra Word documents on how to be a great supervisor or what bosses do were beneficial“ – Sgt. L.R.
  • “Refreshing my memory on supervisory actions was very beneficial. Excellent presenter. Very knowledgeable.” – Sgt. R.D.
  • “I benefitted from learning new ways to help boost morale and keeping better employee files.“ – Cpl. S.L.
  • "Mark was excellent. He was engaging and very knowledgeable. The entire class was valuable!” – S.T.
  • “This was a very well rounded course that casted light on everything needed to be an effective supervisor.” – S. M. SSII Lead
  • “The instructor was knowledgeable and presented material that was easy to understand and easy to retain.” – L.B. SSII


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