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DRE Recertification Training  

As required by the Drug Evaluation Classification Program international standards, every DRE must receive a minimum of 8 hours of recertification training within two years of their most recent certification.

This course will focus on the following topic:

DRE Reconstruction: A Forensic Approach to Identifying Drug Impairment
Detective John Cullen, Jacksonville (Florida) Sheriff’s Office
Mr. Darrell Edmonds, State DRE Coordinator, Institute of Police Technology and Management

Detective Cullen and Mr. Edmonds will discuss the post-incident process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting evidence in order to reconstruct the subject’s state of sobriety at the time of the incident. Referred to as a “DRE Reconstruction,” this usually takes place in cases where limited field sobriety and/or DRE testing has occurred. To help determine the subject’s state of sobriety, you will learn about the many other pieces of evidence that can be used, including medical records, toxicology analysis, cell phone technology, witness observations, and much more.


Drug Recognition Experts, DRE Instructors - Class is restricted to DREs who are current, active law enforcement officers and prosecutors employed by a governmental agency.

Course Length

8 hours


This course satisfies the 8-hour recertification training requirement for Florida DREs.


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