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DRE Recertification Training  

As required by the Drug Evaluation Classification Program international standards, every DRE must receive a minimum of eight hours of recertification training within two years of their most recent certification.

During this 8-hour class, we will focus on new drug information and legal updates, as well as medical conditions that mimic impairment and medical marijuana in Florida. We will also provide you with an overview of the DRE Callout Grant and the most recent curriculum updates.

Topics Include

  • DRE Callout Grant
  • Updated DRE Forms
  • Curriculum Updates
  • Drug News – What's New and Vaping
  • Medical Marijuana in Florida
  • Legal Update
  • Medical Conditions that Mimic Impairment


Drug Recognition Experts, DRE Instructors - Class is restricted to DREs who are current, active law enforcement officers and prosecutors employed by a governmental agency.

Course Length

8 hours


This course satisfies the eight-hour recertification training requirement for Florida DREs.

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