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Medical Foundations of Visual Systems Testing  

Many courts will not qualify a DRE as an expert unless he or she has received training from a medical professional. This course will provide the medical and scientific foundations of the various components of the DRE protocol, including the eye tests, vital signs and psychophysical and divided attention tasks. Common medical conditions, rule-outs and alternative explanations for observed signs will be discussed. The course will include numerous videos, classroom demonstrations and an alcohol workshop.

This program is intended for officers who are Certified Drug Recognition Experts (DREs) and prosecutors who handle DUI and drug cases as well as DUI instructors and SFST practitioners.

Topics Include

  • Anatomy and physiology of the eye and the central nervous system
  • Development and control of eye responses
  • Use and abuse of drugs
  • Effects of drugs on the body, the eyes and perception
  • Effects of medical and environmental conditions
  • Testing of eye signs
  • Legal aspects of testing at the traffic stop and the DRE evaluation
  • Trial preparation


DRE’s as well as experienced DUI officers and prosecutors - Class is restricted to current, active law enforcement and prosecutors employed by a governmental agency.

Course Length

24 hours


The Florida Bar has approved this Medical Foundations of Visual Systems Testing course for 24 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credits for Florida attorneys. Valid only for courses funded by the Florida Department of Transportation and offered between May 20, 2019 and Nov. 20, 2020. Contact Vin Petty upon completion for details.

For Florida DRE’s, this course satisfies the DECP standards for recertification requirements.

What Our Students Are Saying

  • “Outstanding across-the-board. Practical for use on the road and court. Learned more the first hour of this class than all others in reference to HGN/VGN.” – D.L.
  • “Very detailed and oriented to real use in enforcing DWI trials/testifying in court.” – J.W.
  • “Instructor is extremely knowledgeable on all topics covered and able to teach at a level that all students can understand and absorb.” – C.S.
  • ”Very in depth about the visual aspects of HGN and other disorders that mirror impairment.” – C.M.
  • “Extremely in-depth physiological look into the foundations of the [HGN] test. Very reminiscent of my pre-med curriculum. Very thorough.” – G.G.
  • “Dr. Citek is by far the strength of the class. The way he can relate the complex terms used so that it makes sense to an LEO is amazing and it makes it easy to understand.” – R.B.


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