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Life in Spartanburg County Backcountry During Colonial Times   

  • Life in Spartanburg County Backcountry During Colonial Times

  • This class is in session. Contact the office for more information.
    • Fee: $21.00

    • Dates: 6/6/2024 - 6/27/2024

      Times: 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

    • Instructor: Richard Meehan

    • Author Richard Meehan and his wife, Renee, a S.C. teacher, will discuss the Backcountry around Spartanburg County during Colonial times. Wikipedia tells us that Spartanburg took its name from the Spartan Rifles (the Spartan Regiment of Militia). This is a tiny part of the story and a very flat statement that does not cover the struggles of these brave pioneer Carolinians. We will restore flesh to their bones by discussing their way of life, why they formed community pockets within prime Cherokee hunting grounds, and what made them fight against the most significant military force of the times to hold onto their livelihoods. Join Rick and Renee Meehan for an unforgettable journey into Spartanburg’s deep roots.


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