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New Tables and Chairs?

YES! Please!!! How do we do that? Click on any of the links below or the terrier above to get started!

On A Day for Wofford! It is a one-day, 24-hour giving event to show your Love for Lifelong Learning at Wofford!

This year Lifelong Learning Friends and Members Ann and Dick Crenshaw, Lynda and Randy Hurteau, Garrow and Christopher Crowley, and Joan and Tom Barnet are challenging the Lifelong Learning Membership. For every dollar donated up to $5,000 they will match your gift.

If every member donates $20 by October 5th we can purchase new tables and chairs for our classrooms. No more hard wooden chairs, no more wonky tables. We could have chairs with arms and tables that are flat and solid! Give today or definitely by October 5 so the funds can be counted towards the match.

**Make sure if donating online to make your designation OTHER and list LIFELONG LEARNING as the Fund Designation.