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Members who volunteer with Lifelong Learning find new friendships, skills and a way to make an impact on the growth and health of the organization. Please consider the skills and talents you’re willing to share as you read the options below. If interested in any, contact and let us know and we will get you connected. 

Advisory Council: This committee helps guide Lifelong Learning at Wofford. Working with the director and key Wofford faculty and staff, the Advisory Committee members are the voice of the membership. Members participate in long-term strategic planning and relationship building with the Wofford and Spartanburg communities. The chair of the Advisory Council is Dr. Dennis Wiseman

Curriculum Committee: This committee works to build and support the classes we offer each term. If you'd like to teach or have ideas for future classes, we need you! More members willing to recruit and support the instructors means a richer and more interesting curriculum for all. Hands-on training provided. The chair of the Curriculum Committee is Lynda Hurteau.

Finance Committee: This committee oversees our fee and membership structure to ensure that we are providing low cost classes and experiences for our members while also making sure we cover our program costs that include honoring our instructors, providing reliable technology for the classroom and the office as well as covering costs for staffing, events and supplies. The chair of the Finance Committee is Dick Crenshaw.

Outreach Committee: This committee works with reaching out into the larger Spartanburg Community to find ways to diversify our teaching and student populations. This group brainstorms, socializes and connects with people of across all races, religions, neighborhood and cultures. Their driving force is knowing that the more diverse our membership is the richer and deeper our learning experiences will be. The co-chairs of the Outreach Committee are Paul Camp and Kathy Miller

Social Committee: All work and no play is not on this committee's agenda. They work together to offer fun social events, outings and opportunities throughout our year to give way for new friendships to develop and expose members to each other outside of the classroom. Events are planned in pairs so you won't be alone as you prepare fun for the membership. Food, fun and drinks are always included! The chair of the Social Committee is Robbie Allen

Tech Team:These behind the scene folks help make sure our students and instructors have all the tools they need to participate in or teach LLL classes. If you are a current or past instructor, professor or teacher who enjoys helping others, this crew is for you. The chair of the Tech Team is Lucy Woodhouse.

Volunteer Committee: Here you'll find our enthusiastic, logistic experts. From organizing class liaisons to reaching out to new members each term, from planning the next fun social event to scheduling office assistants, this committee and all its subcommittees like to keep things fun, but also organized and on schedule. The chair of the Volunteer Committee is Judi White