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Event Data Recorder Use in Traffic Crash Reconstruction - Level II   

This course builds upon IPTM’s Event Data Recorder (EDR) Use in Traffic Crash Reconstruction - Level I by teaching you how to apply mathematical concepts to your EDR-based reconstructions.

We will begin by reviewing the math and physics concepts necessary to analyze EDR data in more complex non-central collisions. Topics such as the Law of Cosines; the Law of Sines; momentum; closing velocity; and change in velocity relationships will be discussed in detail. You will learn how each of these can be used in your reconstruction.

Actual EDR reports from a variety of collisions will be utilized to show you how to determine all the values necessary for a complete reconstruction. Projects and problem sets have been designed to reinforce the materials presented during lectures and will provide you with the tools you will need to complete actual reconstructions.

Topics Include

  • Solving momentum problems with EDR data when some data elements, such as departure speeds, departure angles, etc. are missing (aka “triangle momentum”)
  • How restitution affects your momentum-based reconstruction
  • The effects of rotation on delta-V and closing speed (Effective Mass Ratio)
  • The effects of external forces on momentum-reconstructions
  • Adjusting EDR delta-V for ACMs not located at the center-of-mass


Law enforcement and private traffic crash investigators, insurance fraud special investigators and claims adjusters, engineers1, attorneys, safety officers, military investigative personnel, collision animation and simulation graphics users

1Note to engineers: The first day is a review of trigonometry, which may not be necessary for engineers. Please contact instructor Andy Rich at for more information.

Course Length

40 hours


You must have successfully completed IPTM’s Event Data Recorder Use in Traffic Crash Reconstruction - Level I and Traffic Crash Reconstruction courses or their equivalent.

What to Bring


  • Laptop computer or tablet to view class materials
  • Calculator with trig and square-root functions

ACTAR Information

IPTM's Event Data Recorder Use in Traffic Crash Reconstruction - Level II course is eligible for 40 ACTAR CEUs.

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What Our Students Are Saying

  • “Both instructors very knowledgeable on the subject and made sure we understood the concept.” – Ofc. S.P
  • “This class increased my knowledge of the EDRs and related it to the realistic offset crashes that are common. Both instructors are very knowledgeable of material and do everything to make sure students have an understanding of the material covered.” – M/Cpl. W.H.
  • “One of the most intense and needed classes I have taken for collision recon. All of the information will be used as soon as I return to work. Rick is an excellent instructor.” – Det. J.C.
  • "Mr. Ruth was outstanding. The presentation of the materials and concepts were clearly explained. I highly recommend this class to other reconstructionists.” – Trooper 1st Class M.C.
  • “I have taken a bunch of IPTM classes now, one trait I have found common, all the instructors have been extremely enthusiastic, knowledgeable, helpful. This class is no exception. Thank you for expanding my world.” – Ofc. S.B.

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