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Images with Impact: Intermediate DSLR Photography   

You understand the basics of how your camera works. Now, you’re ready to dig in and start creating images that have more impact. Join professional photographer and facilitator Lara Grauer and explore topics such as: lighting, composition, color theory, and story-telling in a collaborative online environment. You’ll learn how to put these elements into practice and approach your photography intentionally so your work begins to reflect the images you see in your mind. Each week, you’ll practice a new idea that builds on your previous knowledge. Bit by bit, you’ll become a more deliberate photographic artist. 

Prerequisites: Students must have a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) or mirrorless camera with both automatic and manual controls, and the ability to remove and switch out lenses. (Only 1 lens is needed, but it must be removable.) Students will also need the ability to transfer images to a device - either by using a cable connection or a memory card reader - to share their work. 


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