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Teach for Us   

The Continuing Education Program works to connect members of our community with passionate instructors and subject matter experts. If you are an industry certified professional, a small business owner who has mastered your craft, or an educator interested in sharing your knowledge with adult learners, we want to hear from you!

If you would like to teach for Continuing Education, please contact with questions. Then, fill out the Course Proposal Form.

Some important questions to consider as you create your proposal are:

  • Who is the intended audience for this course?

  • What methods of presentation will you use for this course? (Lecture, demonstrations, video clips/films, discussions, group activities, etc.)

  • How would you describe this class to someone who is unfamiliar with the topic?

  • What is the best meeting space for this course? (Traditional classroom, conference room, open studio space, theater, etc.?)

  • What are the learning outcomes for this course?


Please complete the Course Proposal Form:

 Email any additional documents to Suzanne Gugger, Assistant Director of Continuing Education, Rentals & Events, at After we have reviewed your proposal, we’ll contact you to schedule a meeting or phone call to discuss your course in detail and determine if it is a good fit for our program.



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