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Directions & Parking   

Directions to the Shoreline Community College campus can be found here.

Each course description provides building location information. Specific room information will be sent to registered students prior to class. All buildings on campus are numbered. (For example, Room 1522 is located in the 1500 Building, Room 1725 in the 1700 Building, etc.). If the class is marked "ARR" or arranged, it means that the instructor and student will determine the location of the class, such as with private music lessons. NOTE: Some courses are scheduled in locations as: "SL015" which also indicates the #1500 Building. All students will be given clear instructions and directions a few days prior to the class start date. If a course takes place off campus with one of our community partners, the address is provided in the course description. Online classes will take place using Zoom and/or Canvas. You can find out more about these tools by visiting our Learning Online page.

A complete map of campus is available here.  

All parking is included in the cost of your class. Continuing Education students are welcome to park in any Staff or Student parking lots during their class hours.