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Registration Information   

How to Register

You can register for a Continuing Education course online or we can assist you if email or call 206.546.6696 during regular college business hours.

If technical issues arise, you may receive notice "Registered, not Paid" but do not worry! You are registered for the course or camp and we will contact you to pay over the phone, or you can provide payment in person at the cashiers in the #5000 FOSS Building.

Course information is available under the Course Catalog page. Course fees are due at the time of registration and not eligible for waivers or financial aid. Sometimes there may be a promo discount code provided by the facilitator or partnering organization, so please inquire by calling 206-546-6966.

To register online, please go to the Course Catalog page to search for classes by category or use the Search tool. If this is your first time registering online with Shoreline Community College, you will need to create an account. Course reminders and updates will be sent via email to the email address that you use for registration a week before the first session date. Parents! Please use your email for minor children who do not check their email on a regular basis. Also check spam folders close to the class start date.  For questions, please email


Class Information & Instructions.

More details about the class will be sent to the email that you use for registration a week before the first session date. If you do not receive an email with instructions, please check your SPAM folder, and then email: On the class day, feel free to contact campus security if you need assistance locating the classroom on campus - 206-235-5860.


Drops and Cancellations

Continuing Education programs are supported by course fees; therefore, classes must meet minimum enrollments to cover costs involved. Classes may need to be canceled if enrollment is low, due to an emergency, or if the college is officially closed due to bad weather or other circumstances. If your class is canceled, you will receive an email and phone call prior to the start of classes as well as a 100% refund.

To cancel a registration and withdraw from a class, contact the Continuing Education office at (3) business days prior to the start of the class. You will be refunded 100% of the course minus a $10 processing fee.


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