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Learning Online   

Each quarter, Continuing Education offers a number of online classes. All online classes will use Zoom, a free video conferencing software. Zoom is accessible from your computer or phone; instructions for creating a free Zoom account can be found here.

You can watch a short video demonstrating how to join a meeting here and Zoom also has a test site available if you want to test the application before your class begins.

Below are some general guidelines for using Zoom:

  • Do not share Zoom meeting links with anyone outside of the class.

  • Mute your microphone when you are not speaking so that other students are not distracted by background noises.

  • If you are experiencing delays or interruptions using your home network, we recommend turning off your video function. 

In addition to Zoom, some classes will use Canvas, an online home for all of your class materials where you can engage with your facilitator and other students.

If you are registered for a class that will also use Canvas, you will receive an email before class begins with your Shoreline Student Identification Number (SID) and PIN, as well as instructions for how to activate your Shoreline Community College email address and access the Canvas website for your class. We will also provide you with tips and tricks for navigating Canvas and contact information should you have questions. You can check out information about logging into and navigating Canvas here.



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