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Welcome to Lifelong Learning at Wofford Spring Term March 18-May 10. Registration for the Spring termbegins February 13 at 9 a.m. Download Spring 2024 Term Flyer > Review Classes > Finance and Economics

Finance and Economics   

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  • Understanding and Planning for Long Term Care
  • Course Fee: $42.00
    Dates: 3/20/2024 - 5/8/2024
    Times: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    Days: W
    Sessions: 8
    Location: Central United Methodist Church  Garrett Room
    Instructor: Amanda Stilwell (she/her/hers)
    Understanding and preparing for long-term care for you and your loved ones is something that we often shy away from but it is also something, as a community, we must address. People are living longer, vibrant lives; however, 60% of our population will need long-term care services in their lifetime. During this course, we will examine ways to prepare for long-term care needs in the setting you choose. Long-term care policies of the past are not the answer. We will examine the levels of Medicare-funded home health care, Medicaid spend-down option, and also how to prepare for you and your family’s needs with investments that can trigger a tax-free long-term care benefit, but if you never need long-term care that investment stays in your portfolio.
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